Splatter Screen With Fine Mesh

  • The Yummy Kitchenware Splatter Screen is multi-talented and more useful than most of the tools in your kitchen. The fine mesh even helps it double as an impromptu pasta strainer.
  • Fried chicken, fried bacon, stir-fries – no matter how messy the cooking, your splatter guard keeps the grease off you and your kitchen so cleanup is a breeze.
  • You will want to keep this large one handy because you can use it with any of your pots and pans. Made from high quality food grade stainless steel so it will last a lifetime.

Let The Grease Fly – Your Yummy Kitchenware Splatter Screen Will Catch It

Constructed from high-quality food grade stainless steel, with a fine mesh screen that captures every splatter, pop, and zing of hot, boiling grease while allowing steam to pass right through. You and your kitchen stay clean and safe while your food is cooked to perfection.

From Small Pots to Big Pans and Large Skillets – This Screen Covers Them All

No need to buy multiple splatter screens in a variety of sizes when you own a Yummy Kitchenware Splatter Screen. The big 13-inch size fits easily over any pot or pan in your kitchen. Will never rust, chip or crack. Cook with confidence.

Built to Save You From Messes and Make Your Life Easier

The built-in resting feet means you can lay the greasy splatter screen down on the counter anywhere while you’re cooking – no need to stop what you’re doing to search for a paper towel. Completely dishwasher safe so when you’re finished cooking dinner, you can toss the screen into the dishwasher and forget about it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Plus a Bonus Silicone Pot Holder

The elegant design combined with the durability of quality stainless steel means that you won’t find yourself out shopping for another splatter screen a year from now. Unlike other screens, the Yummy Kitchenware screen isn’t going to rust, chip, crack or break. The fine mesh screen will provide you with a lifetime of protection.

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