22CM Large Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Sieve with Sturdy Handle Perfect for Quinoa, Rice, Flour, Pasta, Yogurt and More

STURDY HANDLE AND STRONG RIVETS: Solidly constructed from high quality stainless steel – from the two layers of tightly woven fine mesh to the thick handle and strong rivets. Won’t bend under the weight of the food.
FINEST MESH STRAINER: Never worry about bits of food like rice or pasta slipping through like with most colanders and sieves. The Yummy Strainer’s two layers of tightly woven mesh catches everything while letting only liquids pass.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Shop with complete confidence knowing you have a full 365-days to check out the Yummy Kitchenware Mesh Strainer. We’re that certain you’re going to love it.
WIDER HOOK TO AVOID SLIPPING: A wide, stable hook and a thick, solid handle held on by professional-grade rivets means this strainer isn’t going to break, bend or slip into the sink no matter how high you pile it with food.
ROUNDED RIM PREVENTS TRAPPED FOOD: The tight, rounded rim won’t trap food between the mesh and the rim, making clean-up a nightmare. Dishwasher safe – premium quality stainless steel will never rust.


✔  Not Your Grandma’s Old Colander

Strands of wet, sticky spaghetti oozing through the holes in the colander were once a common sight in kitchens, but not anymore. The Yummy Kitchenware Mesh Strainer has changed all of that by giving you two layers of the most tightly-woven mesh available on the market today. Nothing gets through this mesh but the liquid.

✔  Ultra-Strong Construction Won’t Let You Down

Even heavy loads are no problem for the Yummy Kitchenware Strainer. If you need to, you can rest the extra-wide hook on the side of your sink while you strain heavy foods. The thick, stainless steel handle will never bend or break and the rivets holding it together will stay strong and tight for a lifetime.

✔  Even Rice, Yogurt and Ground Meats Are No Problem

Other colanders and mesh strainers are simply no match for foods like these – they’ll pass right through and down the sink drain – or worse, will get caught in all the little cracks and crevices that most strainers have, making clean-up a nightmare. The Yummy Strainer’s double layers of ultra-fine mesh combined with a tightly fitted, rounded rim keeps the smallest bits of food from passing through while never letting food get stuck where it doesn’t belong.

😍  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you are going to love your new Yummy Strainer as much as we do, so we are giving you a full 365 days to check it out. That’s right, take a full year to put this premium strainer through its paces. If it fails to live up to expectations, let us know.

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